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Contact us for more information - Tel +44 (0)1252 684596

Zoreq is a private limited company based in Hampshire UK to provide technical services and training to our clients

Especially for Beginners and Improvers

Everyone has to start somewhere, and we can help in those early days when you are starting out.

We can provide mentoring on your own boat to help you gain your confidence in those early days.

We can also provide advice on choosing a boat, so that your boat is capable of doing the kind of boating that you want to do.

People fall in love with a boat, and then try to make it fit the kind of boating they want to do. We can help avoid this pitfall.

Training by Professionals

Our trainer is a former Navigation Officer in the Merchant Navy, qualified as a Class 1 Master Mariner, who has used boats all his life.

All kinds of boats

No two boats are really ever the same.

Getting the most out of your boat can take time.

We can help you to shorten that time, to make the most of your time on the water.

Traditional and Modern craft covered

Advaced tuition available

We can take you into areas not covered by the RYA syllabus, to meet your needs.!