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Zoreq is a private limited company based in Hampshire UK to provide technical services and training to our clients

About Zoreq Limited

Zoreq was founded in May 2013 to take on the security work that had been started while working at Symantec.

Much of this work involved working with Symantec Security products, to provide monitoring and hardening of Hosts. Antivirus software was also used to give a defense indepth . Other vendour products were used in the design of gateways when the network was redsigned as a secure 'enclave' system.

Continuing work patterns

As Zoreq progress we are diversifying our offerings into other areas where we have an interest and appropriate skills. For Instance, We now offer training in recreational boating, after a life time using boats including 12 years at sea in the Merchant Navy. We found that many sailing schools would only teach to the RYA sylabus, but we can teach to a much greater depth if required.

Managing Director

Roger Bull